Resources are user-submitted pieces of content that range from video presentations to publications to simulation tools.

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De-identified clinical data

Various clinical datasets containing electrical readouts from vagus nerve.

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Electrostimulation data

Various datasets illustrating the electrostimulation experiments. The section contains both raw data, as well as the animations and summary of experiments.

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Experimental protocols

Experimental protocols, technical reports, and assay descriptions, usually in PDF or DOCX format.

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Hormone assays

The results and the analysis code for the bulk hormone assays, such as ghrelin.

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Miscellaneous datasets

Spreadsheets, CSV files and other structured data are available for download but don't fit into other categories.

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MRI datasets

NIfTI-1 is a new data format based on ANALYZE™ 7.5, proposed by the NIfTI DFWG as a short-term measure to facilitate inter-operation of functional MRI data analysis software packages. NIfTI-2 is a 64-bit update to the NIfTI format.

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Neurolucida tracing data

Data representing Neurolucida neuron tracing.

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Presentations and seminars

Presentations, seminars, and lectures on topics related to the SPARC project.

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SPARC project quarterly reports and accompanying documents sent delivered to NIH.

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Standard operating procedures for laboratory work and data analysis.

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Teaching materials

Supplementary materials (study notes, guides, etc.) that were generated during the work on the SPARC project.

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Software tools and packages used for processing SPARC-related data.

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SPARC project quaterly reports and accompanying documents sent delivered to NIH.

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