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  1. Acetylcholine Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

    15 Jan 2017 | Experimental protocols

    Cell Biolabs' Acetylcholine Assay Kits are a simple fluorometric or colorimetric assay that measures the amount of acetylcholine present in plasma or serum, tissue homogenates, or cell suspensionsin a 96-well microtiter plate format. Each kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 96...

  2. RayBio Human/Mouse/Rat CCK Enzyme Immunoassay Kit

    16 Jan 2017 | Experimental protocols | Contributor(s): RayBio

    Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a peptide hormone of the gastrointestinal system responsible for stimulating the digestion of fat and protein. It is synthesized by I-cells in the mucosal epithelium of the small intestine and secreted in the duodenum, and causes the release of digestive enzymes from the...